The most Efficient and Ergonomic Stainless Kitchen Sink on the market by Rachiele® - NexGen™ Workstation Sink that you can transform into a double bowl and back in seconds!

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Back when I went to kitchen design school, the cardinal rule was to make sure there was plenty of counter space on either side of the sink for food preparation. That old notion is now OBSOLETE! My workstation sinks take the place of counter space. All food prep is now done on the sink instead of adjacent to the sink. No more messy counter tops! Don't invest in old technology. Invest in the Future with Rachiele. Leading the Industry since 1999.
next generation kitchen sink designNEW DESIGN FEATURE FOR 2018 NexGen is the next generation in workstation sinks. Design Protected by U.S. Copyright laws. Up until now, workstation sinks had a "step" that held up the accessories. My new innovative design removes the step and the sink width remains the same at the bottom as the top. This innovation gives the user an extra inch of front to back space in the sink with this option. My design gives 34 square inches of additional space inside a 36" sink. You just might fit your outdoor grill inside the sink!

Click on the photo to the left was taken inside the sink looking lengthwise. You can see the ledge returning back to the same depth at a nice angle for ease of cleaning. The detail below explains the difference between our Signature Series and our NexGen workstation sinks.
Our NexGen design is clearly the finest designed workstation sink in the industry. Nothing compares! Watch the video to see all of the available accessories.
Caution: if you are looking at hammered nickel sinks, Watch this video

If you would like to see an alternate to the Hammered Nickel sink that will last for generations, look below to the left.
Check out our Hand Hammered Brushed 316 Marine Grade Stainless.
hammered stainless sink looks like hammered nickel farmhouse sink Will not fail like Hammered Nickel
All of our Stainless Steel is Type 316L Marine Grade. Read about the benefits of 316L Stainless
marine grade stainless steel sinks

This sink happens to be our Hand Hammered Matte Hand-Finished Stainless. It is so easy to care for. Simply go over scratches or scuff marks with the Scotch Brite Pad we supply with the sink and it will look virtually new.

The sink on the right features our new grid and sponge caddy design.


We are now offering the option of 1/8" welded and finished interior vertical corners on our Hand Finished Matte stainless sinks. Standard will be a tiny microweld often referred to as a zero radius corner. I believe we are the only company offering a 316L Marine Grade Stainless sink with interior radius corners. This type of corner requires very skilled welders and finishers.



We are considered the authority on Workstation Sinks. Why? We invented the design well over a decade ago!

This is how you prepare a meal with my Signature Series and new NexGen™ Workstation design.

1. Place food on removable stainless grid. (Rinse food if necessary)
2. Take one item at a time and cut on Polyethylene cutting board.
3. Insert a collection bowl inside the sink, partially under the cutting board and scrape items into bowl.
4. Scrape unwanted items into the disposal.

If you noticed, nothing is done on the counter top. No more chicken juice running down the counter over your cabinets. No more wiping down counter tops. You will never use your counter tops for food preparation again. In fact, you will likely merely dust them from now on. Are you smiling yet? In fact, I have received more than one phone call from past customers saying "My husband actually does the dishes now!" How is that for foreplay? I know you are smiling now!

Don't be confused with the imitators. You may see sinks like this one, but they are likely not engineered properly. The Kohler Stages sink, for example, put their ledge too high up in the bowl. When you place a cutting board on their ledge, it appears to me as if the board is level with the counter top, so when you run water over it, it will spill over on to the floor or counter. Our inner ledge is calculated based on ergonomics. It is low enough so you can run water and keep the water inside the sink, but high enough so you can cut food at the proper height. We can build these are top mount and apron front styles as well as retrofit apron designs.

As of June 2019, all orders of Matte Hand-Finished Stainless will have the option of interior 1/8" radius corners instead of a zero radius corner with a hairline seam. See All Stainless Steel Sink Pricing

I was asked, in an email, why my sinks are superior.

Hello Theresa, I can certainly understand the confusion between the Kohler and Nantucket sinks and mine. There is a huge value difference for you though. First of all, my design adds a significant amount of usable space in the sink verses all other brands.
My NexGen design is easily the most ergonomic and efficient design of any sink on the market, including my double tier sinks.
  • 1. Rear corner drain allows full use of most of the sink basin.
  • 2. Custom design allows for taking into consideration your height and handedness. Think of this… If you are considering a workstation sink, and you are right handed, this is the natural progression of the process. The items to be cut or chopped should be placed on the far left in an area where they can be rinsed in place (our metal grid). They then should go to the cutting board to the right. Once cut, they should be swiped into a bowl held up to the cutting board or possibly sitting on the bottom of the sink. If you have a disposal, the waste gets swiped to the right rear where the drain is located. For clean up, you always hold a dish in your left hand and scrub with your right (correct?). Again, having the disposal on the right is the most convenient location. Depth is a very misunderstood issue by virtually all sink manufacturers. Most sinks are too deep. My sinks are generally around 8” deep. Think of this. All under mount sinks are mounted at 34 ½” from the floor. If you have an 11” deep sink, you are now 23” off the floor doing dishes. Take a tape measure and measure how low 23” is from the floor. You will be stunned how uncomfortable it would be to reach that surface when scrubbing. Now wait… you are now thinking “My sink is deeper and it is just fine”, right? If you are thinking that, your sink may be fine. If it is a double bowl, or center drain (outdated designs), you need a deep sink just to get half a baking pan in the sink. With my design, everything sits flat down in the bottom without covering the drain, so you do not need a deep sink. Now you are likely thinking, tall pots and pans and splashing… Well that is solved by investing in a QUALITY faucet. Waterstone faucets, made in the USA, do not splash and splatter. In fact, I have a video online showing me spraying the outside of a pot, while holding it far above the top of the sink, and no splashing!
  • 3. My NexGen design allows for the grid to sit on the bottom of the bowl. Now you can wash on the right, set off on the left. You can also place your colander on it and pour cooked pasta in it without fear of backwashing due to a slow drain.
  • 4. My sinks are installed differently than all others. They can be closer to the user and fit in smaller cabinets. A closer sink to the user is far more ergonomically comfortable to use.
  • 5. My sinks are made of domestic 316L Marine/Medical grade stainless. No need to worry about contaminants often found in Chinese or Indian stainless. No need to worry about corrosion or rust spots. Did you know you cannot put bleach in the Kohler or Nantucket sink? You can in mine.
  • 6. Nantucket is one of the few “honest companies” out there. They actually pay a royalty to use my patented two tier design. They are great people with integrity.
  • 7. Interior space on my NexGen 36” sink is 34” by 17 ½” (above and below the ledge).
  • 8. Let’s look at location of the ledges or steps. Kohler has copied virtually all of my workstation designs in one way or another. I find it quite flattering, as they are not a real competitor to what we do. They have, however, copied the designs without consideration of the usefulness. My ledge or step is specifically placed 1 ¼” below the top of the bowl so my cutting board or grid will be slightly below the top of the sink. No worries about running water over a cutting board that is flush with the counter and having water run off onto your shoes. Yep, that happens.
  • 9. We use a far thicker gauge, 16, than the others on the market.
  • 10. Lastly, you will see butt joints on the Kohler and Nantucket sinks. That shows a hairline that we have been able to eliminate by putting a tiny radius corner so there are no more butt corners on the sinks and allow for easier cleaning. This process alone is all done by hand and takes a great deal of skill and hours to accomplish.
  • 11. Each and every sink we build is hand built – not stamped out like bottle caps. One stainless NexGen can take days to build and finish. You would think a hand made sink would be 5 to 10 times the price of a mass produced sink. Couple that information and realize the Kohler sink and certainly the Nantucket sinks are made in China and or India and that drops the price by half again for their sinks. I am not knocking those companies. I licensed the patent to my very good friends at Nantucket because not everyone can afford a tailor made custom sink and I wanted my design to be available to everyone.
    Well, we offer our handcrafted sinks at a 10% net margin, selling direct to the end user. We run a tight ship here. No sales team, virtually no advertising (less than $500 a year), and a small team in the factory. We only build sinks. Building other items simply adds to the overhead, requiring additional expensive equipment and a larger factory.

    Please watch these short videos. You will see why these sinks are now about 90% of our business!

  • Guess what else you can do with all of my sink designs? You should be able to place a full size double roll out trash behind the left door of your sink base cabinet. Pretty cool, huh? Read about it here>>>

    I am often asked; "What is the best type of stainless?". Well, type 316 Marine Grade seems to be the best. That is what we use it and we insist on American Made only.
    316 grade stainless steel kitchen sinks Read about the Benefits of 316 Stainless.

    "Hi Dino! I will send you some pictures of our sinks once we get our backsplash installed! I just wanted to say that I found another benefit of the Workstation sink that I haven’t seen specifically listed on your website... I’ve seen you mention that the Workstation sink helps to keep your countertops clean. We leave the stainless steel grid in ours on the ledge most of the time for drying items or just having a place to put down a messy item quickly instead of on the countertop. My husband complained that everyone was leaving things on the grid and he removed it. Later that day, our babysitter got lemon juice all over our brand new marble countertops when she added lemon to her water, and we now have some very noticeable etch marks next to the sink. It turns out that she had always done this on the grid to keep the countertop clean, but when the grid was removed she did it on the countertop and didn’t realize that the lemon juice would damage the marble. Our counters are sealed, but that, unfortunately, doesn’t help with etching. So, in summary, not only do your Workstation sinks keep countertops clean, but they also offer an additional level of protection for any countertop materials that stain or etch. I find myself holding something messy multiple times every day, and I always just set it down on the grid because I don’t want it to permanently mess up the counters - better to be safe than sorry. Anyone with a marble countertop should definitely consider this type of sink! :) Heather N."