Custom Retrofit Stainless Steel Farm Sinks with short apron and a channel behind the apron to slip over existing cabinetry. Patented design by Dino Rachiele

Do you have cracks in your granite in front of your kitchen sink?
I have a solution for you. Click here for my solution.

You may also replace your existing under mount or drop in sink with a farmhouse stainless steel sink without having to cut your cabinetry! Do it with ease with my patented design and my personal assistance.

If you are looking for a farmhouse sink and you are replacing your countertops and keeping your cabinetry, Rachiele has the answer.

My patented design offers an apron that is shorter than the bowl with a channel behind the bowl allowing for the apron to slip over the cabinet frame simply by removing the false drawer head(s).scroll down for pricing

I can do this as a drop in or under mount sink. The drop in version (seen below) and the undermount version seen to the left is the perfect solution for cracked granite in front or behind your kitchen sink. The photo to the left is an under mount version used generally when replacing a countertop and keeping existing cabinets. Cracks are common due to the frequent use of iron supports that have been routed in to the granite in front of and behind the sink to add strength to a weak area. Granite is pourous, so over time the moisture goes through to the iron and rust begins. When iron rusts, it expands. Since the granite cannot expand, it cracks. This probem is nation wide and there are only two solutions that I am aware of. Replace the granite or use my patented sink design that fixes the issue and offers a far superior workstation sink that allows for food preparation on the sink instead of on the counter!

The "Before and After" photo to the left was an interesting one. We were tasked with replacing a concrete sink and partial countertop with a farmhouse stainless workstation sink (hand hammered). My background as a kitchen designer came in handy when calculating the perfect fit for the countertop and for the cabinet below. No cutting of the cabinet was required.

Both stainless sinks, shown to the left, are Hand Finished Matte Hammered Stainless.316 marine grade stainless steel sinks and faucets by waterstone


NEW DESIGN FEATURE FOR 2018 NexGen is the next generation in workstation sinks. Up until now, workstation sinks had a "step" that held up the accessories. My new innovative design removes the step and replaces it with a small ledge. The sink width remains the same at the bottom as the top. This innovation gives the user an extra inch of front to back space in the sink with this option. My design gives 34 square inches of additional space inside a 36" sink. You just might fit your outdoor grill inside the sink! Our original Signature Series has a 1/2" step - much like many others on the market that have followed my original design. Call me to explain in more detail. 407-880-6903

I have upgraded all of our stainless to domestic 316L Marine/Medical Grade Stainless Steel. Read about the Benefits>>>
Prior to manufacturing sinks, I was an accredited kitchen designer. I came up with this design idea about 16 years ago to solve a problem. Many families were upgrading their kitchens by replacing countertops and appliances, but were keeping their cabinetry. Many wished they could have an apron front farmhouse style sink. My design, with a one inch channel behind a shorter apron solved the problem. I patented the design. Everything about this design is custom to your particular situation. The apron height will be basically the same height as the false drawer on your sink cabinet. The sink can be much deeper, as it falls behind the face frame of the cabinet. Take a look at this videos further down the page below the pricing to see how simple this design makes an installation so easy. I can build this type of sink as an under mount or drop in top mount sink.
I will walk you through the entire process to insure you feel comfortable before you place your order. I have done hundreds of retrofit sinks and they all have fit perfectly. Most of my customers feel far more comfortable calling me so I can walk them through the process. The process is actually quite simple. Call me at 407-880-6903
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Custom Retrofit Stainless Marine Grade Farmhouse sink with Patented Channel Behind Apron
Factory direct offering starting at: $2,990.00
Complimentary shipping in Cont. U.S. up to 36"
Sink Length:
Stainless Type:
1/8 inch radius corner option - checked ( Add $600.00 )
Over Mount Option keeping existing counter:
Apron Height Notes :
Hand Hammering:
Signature Series Workstation Option - Interior Steps ( Add $200.00 )
NexGen Workstation Option - Interior Ledges ( Add $495.00 )
Poly Cutting Board:
Wood cutting board:
Sponge Caddy - Awsome item ( Add $200.00 )
Stainless Grid:
Add a Bowl:
Strainer for Add a Bowl:
Grey Plumbers Putty - checked ( Add $12.00 )
Crating and Shipping:

This video shows my patented retrofit stainless apron farmhouse sink.

Always best to send me a photo of your current situation via Email too!

This video shows the installation as an under mount sink
Two installation options. You can install as shown and shim the counter top slightly (most are shimmed anyway), or you can rout or belt sand down the area where the sink sits.