Custom Rustic Copper Patina Palettes for the Apron of Copper Farm Sinks

This is a fun process. If you order online, I will be calling you to discuss which patina(s) you like. Often you might see one or two numbered photos, but would prefer alterations to those photos such as; more or less movement or more or less color. You are the director of your one-of-a-kind work of art. Once we settle on a general look, after your sink is built, you will receive an initial photo to review. We will chat about what you like about it and what you might change - often our clients like the first photo. If you would like changes, we will make those changes and send an additional photo for approval. At times, we have reworked the patina 5-8 times sending photos before an approval. This is part of our service. There is no additional charge for this as long as the end result is similar to your original choice. At that point, we apply a very durable topcoat, apply a natural patina to the rest of the sink and ship it. (Note: If your selection changes from your original choice after patination has begun, we will have to charge a change order fee) Feel free to select 1-4 similar numbers.