Full-Size, Double Roll Out Trash Mechanism to Fit Under Most Rachiele Kitchen Sinks

Likely one of the best kitchen design ideas in decades. The vast majority of our sinks will allow for a double roll out trash mechanism behind the opposite door of the drain location on the sink. Our ergonomically correct 8" deep bowls with offset drains allow plenty of room for full size 35 gallon double trash bins. The installation is fairly easy. The mechanism simply attaches to the door.

The most valuable storage space in the kitchen is likely adjacent to the sink. That is where you will likely want to place your silverware and other important items. If one side has a dishwasher and the other is dedicated to trash storage, you must move elswhere to store valuable items. Think of how much you might spend on a cabinet dedicated to TRASH storage! Since you already have a sink base, there is NO COST for the Trash Cabinet! Simply order the mechanism. Call me to see which model might fit your cabinet. 407-880-6903

We offer two sizes: Large, 14 13/16" wide, 19 1/4" tall and 22 1/8" deep.
Medium, 11 11/6" wide, 18 15/16" tall and 22 1/4" deep.

Double Roll out Trash Mechanism (Large shown in photo)
$351.90   $316.71