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My sinks are very custom. I have found that a phone conversation with your client serves both you and the client well. There is a potential that the sink will not be what the customer expected - and in many cases not the best fitting sink for their lifestyle if I have no discussion with your client. My sinks are not simply sinks, they are workstations that have evolved far beyond the competition.

My sink designs are radically different than all others on the market. Some of the nuances are easy to overlook or misunderstand. Trying to pass on all of my information through a third party often gets diluted or misunderstood. I generally spend 30 to 60 minutes on the phone with each client. These are just some of the questions I ask: 1. Are you right or left handed? 2. Who does the cooking? 3. Who cleans up? 4. How often do you cook and what types of meals? 5. How tall are the users of the sink?

There is no way for me to gather the appropriate information needed for me to offer the best sink for your client without that kind of quality one-on-one time. Therefore, I respectfully request that I work with your client directly during this phase. This policy is to protect you from making an order that the end user is not expecting, or after they view our website, they wished they had been offered other options that may not be available with their existing order. I will not make any exceptions... Please understand that I have to work through the details with the end user for everyone's benefit. Once that has been accomplished, we can complete the process with you. We do not offer discounts to the trade, however we offer a referral fee of 3% for any sink order*. Please understand, we work on a very small margin and we are offering as much as we can for your referral.

In the past, several designers have ordered sinks only to find that their customer was expecting something else based on what they had seen on my website. In a couple of situations, the designers had to absorb the cost of the original sink and order a second sink. I don't want this to happen to you.

Our rustic patinas on copper apron front sinks require us to converse with the end user often. Once your client has selected a custom patina and we have started the patina process on the sink, we send a photo to your client for their feedback. It is critical that the time frame is minimized between sending the photo and hearing back from your client. The patina continues to "age" while we wait, and if we wait too long, the photo may no longer be representative.

I can't count the times I have been called by a professional to price a double bowl sink for their client. After insisting I speak with the end user, 100% of the time the end user changed to my single bowl Signature Series sink. That has happened after I have been "assured" that the designer explained the benefits of a single bowl sink and was told the end user would never consider a single bowl sink. I recall one designer willing to "bet" me that their client would not consider a single bowl sink. Guess who won that bet?

Thank you for your consideration.

Dino Rachiele, Owner and Founder

By the way, you have my personal promise that you will be thrilled with the way I work with your client!

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* Please request your referral fee at the time of the initial contact. Post sale referral fee requests cannot be honored. Thank you.