Custom Stainless Steel Lavatory Sinks- all custom to fit your needs!

We custom design and manufacture luxury quality stainless steel lavatory sinks. I will work directly with you to design the perfect sink for your home. We use only 316L Marine Grade stainless because it is far more resistant to corrosion than the typical 304 stainless used in the industry.

Our customers often ask for a trough sink that is roughly 10" to 12" front to back (overall). Our pricing below allows for up to 14" overall. If you have needs for a wider sink, no problem. We can sort that out over the phone or email. There will simply be a small additional fee for whatever you decide on.

Since all of our sinks are custom made, I will be working with you directly to design the sink after you place your generic order online. As always, I welcome phone orders.

Under mount sinks are generally 15" overall, front to back - leaving a 13" bowl. That can be increased by an inch or so without additional cost. Bowl depth is generally 5-6".

If you would feel more comfortable ordering by phone, call me at 407-880-6903 (If the live Chat is online, I am likely at my desk)

Custom Stainless Steel Lavatory Sink
Factory direct offering starting at: $1,571.00
Material Choice:
Under Mount:
Trough Under Mount:
Top Mount Option for any Sink:
These are just suggestive options. Feel free to call me and discuss alternate designs.