The First Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Sinks (workstation) ever Crafted! Striving for perfection, settling for excellence.

Back in 2019 I searched the Internet and could not find one Unlacquered Brass Workstation kitchen sink. I thought we should fill that void! Unlacquered Brass sinks are stunning to see in person. Those who have seen our photos and then had a chance to see the sinks in person have indicated the photos do not do these sinks justice.

We have been experimenting with Brass for a while now. We have discovered that Brass is much more difficult to weld and finish. Thankfully, we have a team up to the challenge. These sinks are truly at the top of the Luxury scale. We have sold quite a few to designers where we are not allowed to know the name of the end user. Truly, these sinks are going to the rich and famous. The hand finishing of one of these sinks takes time and we do not rush the process. Take a look at a close up view of one of the inside corners of our Brass Kitchen Sinks. If you know welding at all, you should be impressed.

We can weather (or age) the interior of your brass sink or leave it natural so you can keep it polished. We can also create artistic (Rustic) patinas on the apron portion of these sinks. The artistic (Rustic) patina will have a tough clear topcoat to protect the patina. We can build just about any design we offer in stainless or copper for you. Due to the size limitations of the domestic material, some sink designs will not be possible. Be assured, we only use Domestic Brass. We have discovered a way to make the maintenance of these sinks significantly easier than you might expect. We have a working brass sink in our showroom and it is very easy to care for.
Since these sinks are quite special and very custom, pricing is by phone request only. You may call me at 407-880-6903. You will be working with me directly (Dino Rachiele) throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. As a general rule, investing in a custom brass sink will be a bit more more costly than a comparable copper or stainless steel sink.
The Brass Under Mount Sink to the left is an example of our weathered interior. The Brass Sinks are fairly easy to care for, nearly impossible to dent and offer a luxury look that is unparalleled. Pair our Brass Sink with a Waterstone Unlacquered Brass Faucet for a unique and rustic, while elegant, look.
This beautiful under mount NexGen sink has no patina. You can order one this way or with a patina. We can build an awesome Evolution Two Tier Sink with this solid Brass.

For pricing, please call 407-880-6903. Since these sinks are complicated to produce, they will be a bit more costly than our copper or stainless sinks. We will not price via email request, as there are so many options to discuss that a phone discussion is necessary in order to offer an accurate investment price.