The sink that will change your life...  Rachiele Signature Series The Signature Series sink is about 90% of our business because it makes you so happy!

The Signature Series and NexGen Workstation Copper Kitchen Sinks - Sinks designed for the 21st Century

available in: Copper, Stainless, Rustic Stainless, Millennia Stainless - Apron, under mount or top mount and even our retrofit sinks.
Next Generation Sink Design
NEW DESIGN FEATURE FOR 2018 NexGen is the next generation in workstation sinks. Up until now, workstation sinks had a "step" that held up the accessories. My new innovative design removes the step and the sink width remains the same at the bottom as the top. This innovation gives the user an extra inch of front to back space in the sink with this option. My innovative design give you 34 more square inches of space in a 36" sink!

A single bowl, rear corner drain, kitchen sink that will actually make you happy!

So, what is the "Signature Series" Sink? It is the first sink where you can do all of your food preparation on the sink

and keep your counters clean! No more cutting chicken on a cutting board next to the sink and having chicken "juice" running all over the counter top and possibly the floor. Everything is done within the confines of the sink! You will never use your counter tops for food preparation again. In fact, you will likely merely dust them from now on. Are you smiling yet? In fact, I have received more than one phone call from past customers saying "My husband actually does the dishes now!" How is that for foreplay? I know you are smiling now!

My Signature Series sink has 1/2" steps, 1 1/2" down from the top of the bowl that allow you to place various cutting boards and metal drain grids on the interior step for food preparation. No more messy counter tops!

Please watch these short videos. You will see why these sinks are now about 90% of our orders!

Don't be confused with the imitators. You may see sinks like this one, but they are likely not engineered properly. The Kohler Stages sink, for example, put their step too high up in the bowl. When you place a cutting board on their step, it appears to me as if the board is level with the counter top, so when you run water over it, it will spill over on to the floor or counter. Our inner step is calculated based on ergonomics. It is low enough so you can run water and keep the water inside the sink, but high enough so you can cut food at the proper height.

I have been working for many years to perfect the kitchen sink. Thanks to the feedback from many of you, as well as one forward thinking engineer (and past customer) I have put together the best sink design in the industry. Here are some of the design elements that are unique to our sinks. If you love to cook, this is your kitchen sink!

Allows for set-off space and even a dish rack on the left side, while having the ability to wash dishes on the side with the drain. Use the sink like a double bowl sink without the divider in the way.
Double bowl sinks became extinct with the invention of the dishwasher. I feel a 36" to 42" long sink is the ultimate size for a Signature Series kitchen sink if you have the space in your kitchen for one. That being said, I use a 24" version at my home and it works nicely. In fact, I carved a 29 pound turkey for Thanksgiving "On" the sink using a 15" walnut cutting board. No mess on the counter top at all. I promise, this sink will change your life!
1/2" step, 1 1/2" down from the front and rear of the sink. This step allows for many time-saving components such as: Cutting boards , a sponge caddy and a grid drain. The Signature Series option is available on copper and stainless apron front sinks, under mount and top mount sinks.
When you prepare poultry, you generally have a cutting board to the side of the sink - and the chicken juice generally runs off the cutting board on to the counter top (and maybe over your cabinetry). What a mess! Now, you can set the raw chicken on the copper grid, place a custom poly cutting board adjacent to it (inside the bowl on the step) and do all the food prep with no mess on the counter top. The feedback we have received has been nothing short of wonderful.
I am proud to put my name on these sinks. I sign every one that leaves here. Actually, I sign all sinks that leave here, but the Signature Series Sink is my original workstation design!
It appears they may have copied my design and missed an important factor. (Kohler is regularly snooping on my website). Their interior step for the cutting board is too high inside the sink. It appears impossible to me that you can run water over the cutting board without getting it all over the counter top. Our step is thoughtfully placed 1 1/2" down, so the 1" thick board is 1 inch below the top of the sink.

Let me speak of the colander idea for a moment. Has this ever happened to you? You have a large pot of pasta on the cook top. You go to the sink to drain it and place the colander in the sink. You pour the water, but all the water does not evacuate the sink fast enough and the water begins to back up into the pasta? It has happened to me and it grossed me out - yuck. Just take the grid and turn it 90 degrees and place it in the bottom of the sink. Set the colander on the grid. The colander is now raised up - no more yuck!

Cool use ideas from our customers using their Signature Series Kitchen Sinks!

  • Use the grid for thawing meats (Copper conducts heat better than the expensive aluminum meat thawing trays- no mess... everything drips into the sink!
  • Best yet, turn the grid 90 degrees and it fits on the bottom of the sink. Use it to dry pots and pans. Wash on the right, set off on the left on the grid.
  • Place the grid on the bottom when you are using a colander so that water doesn't start backing up in the the colander.
  • Place poultry, fish or meat on the grid, then cut on the poly cutting board and scoop into a bowl waiting below.
  • Carve your Thanksgiving turkey right on the cutting board over the sink. No mess!
  • Use the poly cutting board 6" from the right of the sink while cutting veggies. Swipe waste off to the right into the disposer and the good stuff to the left in a waiting bowl underneath the left side.
  • Cut meat, fish and chicken on the poly cutting board. Everything drips into the sink - no mess.
  • The poly board fits nicely in the dishwasher after you have cut onions or poultry.
  • Wash your delicate stem ware and place on the grid instead of the counter top.
  • Hide your dirty dishes under the grid. Come on, you know you might do it...
  • Treat yourself to a spa day with all the time you have saved!

Imagine preparing a meal and not even having to wipe off your counter top when you are finished! You can do that with this sink!

Our customers often send photos of their finished kitchens. We would love to see yours!