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Copper Sink Pros and Cons

How well do copper sinks hold up over time? Well that depends on who makes it!

Copper Sink Pros and Cons - Rachiele™ Copper Sinks vs the Imports

Rachiele™ Copper Sinks Imports
Easy Care - Rachiele copper sinks do not require drying after each use Must be dried after each use - yes, even after washing your hands!
Difficult to Dent Very soft copper, easy to dent
Ever changing beauty inside the bowl. Interior will always return to the color of an old penny. Bottom of sink will change to a different color than the rest of the sink.
Hot items, no matter how hot, will not damage the sink interior Hot items may damage the finish of an imported sink
Copper sinks hold their value. We have sold used copper sinks for 70% of their original value. Imported copper sinks are nothing special, hence they do not hold value when used.
Copper sinks do well with hard water and well water. Hard water may damage the finish of an imported sink.
Precision built Can be as much as 1/2" off - per "their" disclaimers. I guess it depends on how much yeast is in the mix:)
Use the sink like a sink Use their sink like a car - wash, dry, wax.
Rear corner drains allow full use of the sink Center drains - invented 200 years ago
Unlimited options for patina choices on apron Usually one option
Extremely durable topcoat on apron Questionable durability at best
Be happy Be frustrated